About HAP Minerals Jsc.,

Ha An Phat Mineral Exploitation Jsc, is the leading extraction, refiner and manufacturer of high quality Calcium Carbonate, Quick lime, Filler Master-batches and other minerals in Vietnam.

We use innovative technology to turn raw materials into distinguished products for our customers domestically and globally.

We own Thung Duoc, Chau Hong Calcium Carbonate Mine and Quartz Mine in Nghe An province, Vietnam.

We have a CaCO3 4 grinding plant in Nghe An Province in various forms, specifically powder, chip, and lumps.

Our CaCO3 productions capacity is around 160,000.00 MTS/annum, which is currently exported to our main markets which include India, Korea, Bangladesh, Taiwan and domestically in Vietnam.

We understand that our commitment to consistency of quality is the most important factor helping us to develop a stable, recognized and increasingly popular brand by our customers.

The company committed to ensuring only the purest raw materials are utilized, the most modern, environmentally friendly and efficient technologies are used in the production and processing of our products.